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More from the Cache Logs - The six geocaches created for this project are still in place in Manchester, and being found on a regular basis by local and visiting geocachers. The Zappar codes are also still in place for at least the near future, so if you are in Manchester, check the map and go and have a look. What’s great
Projecting in the rain … - We four have gathered once more in Manchester, for the final climax of our tale. The story trail has been underway for the last 10 days, taking participants to interesting places around Manchester where they are discovering digital and non-digital surprises, and fragments of the story. On Friday evening the story will culminate in a
Loving the logs - Once of the nice things we’ve discovered about using geocaching in our project is the feedback: when someone finds a cache, they write the date and their name on a paper log inside the cache, and they can also post a digital log to the cache’s listing, via their geocaching app. Most of our six caches have been
It’s all zapping together - I’ve been on a learning curve over the last few weeks, teaching myself how to make Zappar codes. The process is something between making a little web site (in terms of interactivity) and a short film or animation (in terms of narrative progression). I’ve had a few frustrations – it is after all a new platform,
Coordinates, waypoints, trackables and hints - Our first geocache has been planted and submitted! It has already been reviewed and approved on Opencaching.com so for the very keen ones out there, you can go and look for it immediately. This one is a teaser cache, giving some background information to the story, and also has been a test process for us as it’s the
Learning to Zap - A couple of months ago, I’d never heard of Zapcodes; now, I’m learning how to make them. Zapcodes are an augmented reality version of QR codes, allowing people to access multimedia content by pointing their phone or tablet camera at a special icon. Our initial idea for the story trail part of this project was to