Two writing workshops explored ways into creating immersive texts that are site-responsive, and how they can be produced so form complements subject. These workshops were for people with experience in writing in any form.

Writing Immersive Stories

michelle_mayaThe first workshop used the waterways as an entry to writing, exploring historical, social and personal resonances. Participants used practical exercises to produce a draft text.

It took place on Saturday 11 October, led by Maya Chowdhry and Michelle Green.


Building Immersive Stories

sarah_helenThe second workshop focused on how you might present your work, either digitally or in print, for example using projection, unusual print formats or location-specific tools. Using writing generated in either workshop, participants were guided through a choice of tools to produce a draft template for their text, and left with ideas of how to finish it and where they may place it. The workshop encouraged collaboration of ideas and activities.

It took place on on Saturday 18 October, led by Sarah Hymas and Helen Varley Jamieson.

Feedback from our previous workshops

“I didn’t think I could actually produce a poem. You realise when you do something like this that you have got the potential of doing a good piece of work.” – From the Writing Lives project for the University of Salford

“One of the best managed/facilitated courses I have ever attended. Enhanced my listening to and respect of other people’s voices enormously.” Maria McGoughan, former Features Editor Manchester Evening News

“The combination of physical and remote / online interaction appeared hugely appealing to the audiences that took part…” Dr Simon Persighetti, School of Media and Performance, University College Falmouth

“Maya’s ideas were imaginative and easy to work with. She has excellent communication skills and an approachable manner that allows her to relate to people with ease.” Sophie Alder, Dance Education Officer, NBT

What is an immersive text?

An immersive story could be defined as one you experience as being all around you, in the environment and in multiple formats and multi-sensory, rather than being contained within a specific object like a book or within a particular time like a performance.