Here are a collection of reviews of Tales from the Towpath:

writing immersive stories workshop

Writing immersive stories workshop

Writer Sarah Jasmon went along to both Tales from The Towpath workshops and sent in these reviews to Manchester Literature Festival:




Using Zappar to explore story episodes

Using Zappar to explore story episodes

Sarah Walters from MEN met Maya Chowdhry at The Bridgewater Basin to discuss how Tales from the Towpath was conceived, it’s aims and her obsession with water.


Audience Feedback

I loved the interwoven voices of the story from performers, from the audience and from the participants of the trail. Please, more of this fantastic project from beginning to end: trail, performance, and the workshops. Very complete!

“My favourite moment of the performance was the combo of darkness and motion of the boat gently rocking to immerse you into the story further.”

I enjoyed it all. The origami boat was a good teaser for things to come. The guided tour was great because I needed some help with the technology, and the guide was very clear and made it all very easy to use. The story trail was great fun. Reading the stories made the locations come alive. It was really imaginative and a very successful example of site-specific writing.”

I enjoyed hunting for the different parts of the story. It was exciting when you found the next bit and it took me to places in Manchester that I hadn’t been to before.